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why we did it…

Habiplace was founded by normal folk. People with homes, families, friends, jobs and all the modern day trimmings. We couldn’t believe that in a digital age, a time when our pets have social network profiles, our homes were left disconnected in the real world.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love an ironic dog on Facebook, but in a world with almost endless admin relating to our homes – this just didn’t seem right. When every aspect of property ownership is now managed online, it seemed crazy that our homes themselves weren’t represented on the web.

We took a step back and thought, “if we could re-imagine the property industry, how would we do it?” Our homes are now much more than our castles, they are our administrative hubs. We wanted to replicate this online and Habiplace was born.

This property network will upset the apple cart, ruffle some feathers and do many other cool metaphorical things. It is a potential reset button for the industry and we couldn’t be more excited.

We hope that you will join us in changing the world of property for the better.

we’re a business…how do we make money?

Firstly, let’s carry something over from our security page…


Ok, now that’s covered let’s get into it. Any business needs a way to generate revenue. As always with our platform, we want to be open and honest about how we do this and why we do it the way we do. As is currently the ‘norm’ in the household services sector we receive small commissions if you switch a service through us. These commisions are what allow us to offer all of the other features in your Habiplace profile for free. We leverage this business model to bring something new and unique to the market.

There is a small percentage of our users who have said they would rather pay a monthly fee to use the service than have us rely on the switching and commission model. This has some merit, the traditional switching industry has run its course, but when we were deciding which model to build our business around we stumbled across an eye-watering figure. We all – that’s you, us, and everyone who lives in property – spend £490 billion pounds each and every year running our homes. The vast majority of a household’s income goes on running the household. We did not want to add to that cost. Our goal is to make living in property easier, less time consuming and importantly, less expensive; we did not want people to have to decide whether we were affordable, we want to help anyone and everyone.

So we elected to offer the service for free and generate revenue from switching commissions. But, and it’s a big BUT, we aren’t a ‘comparison site’. Ensuring you are always on the most cost-effective tariffs and services makes up a big part of efficiently running your home, so we wanted to improve the recipe. Our goal is to tell you when you could save money by switching but almost more importantly, tell you when you shouldn’t switch…now comparison sites don’t do that! Here’s an example of how we’re moving the game on. When you sign up, you can link your energy account to Habiplace. Without you doing anything, we then automatically check all of the relevant info from your current tariff and see if you could make savings by switching. If you can make savings, then we hope people will decide to do that through us, but if you cannot make savings then we do not want you to switch. In fact, we even show a message that says ‘you are on a great deal, no need to switch’. So for the first time, you can quickly and easily see how efficiently you’re running your home. We have applied new and innovative technology to a model that was stagnating, but this model allows us to build on our foundations to rip up the property rule book and change the face of the UK property market.

Talking about money is pretty risky. It’s easy for us all as people, me included, to feel disconnected from any business and see them as a brand name, rather than a collection of good people trying to build something great whilst earning a fair wage. We hope by being open and honest, you will support us and join us in building a new, and awesome, property industry.


Stephen Geran


Not your usual tech founder…

  • Stephen Geran

    Stephen Geran

    Founder & CEO

    After serving as an Engineer in the Royal Navy Stephen got his teeth into ‘normal’ life on ‘civvy street’. Marriage, kids, pets, moving home, after school clubs, bills and all the trimmings. Throughout this period, Stephen confesses to feeling overwhelmed by the countless tasks associated with the home, he found himself constantly having to triage tasks, rather than ever feeling on top of them. He was surprised by how clunky everything was and how it was near impossible to keep on top of things. So he went into his office, came out a week later with a beard, and Project Habiplace was laid out.

    When asked by a particular publication “what are the transferable attributes between engineering and being a tech founder”, Stephen simply replied…

    “I’m an Engineer, I hate inefficiencies. When I see that something can be improved, I try to engineer a solution. To solve a problem you have to live it. It’s all well and good large corporates telling us what solutions we need, but they are simply guessing. I know too well the difficulties of juggling family, work and a household and I believe others have the same frustrations. The property market is broken, it’s time to get out the spanners.”